In 1997 a group of passionate climbers decided to join and found Teste Di Pietra, the first sports climbing association in the Province of Pordenone. Teste di Pietra promotes and disseminates a multifaceted sport discipline: not only teaching and improvement of technical free-body movements, but also development of balance, ability to concentrate, confidence in themselves and others, as well as powerful stimulus to the search for solutions through a creative and conscious use of the body.

Indoor sport climbing, which is both educational both for children and for adults, is also useful for body and mind, and becomes an opportunity to mature a more respectful perception of the natural environment in which you will practice this sport.

The presence of qualified FASI instructors (Italian Sports Climbing Federation of CONI) is a fundamental premise for the correct disclosure of all aspects of the discipline. The Board of Teste di Pietra, in collaboration with the Provincial Committee UISP, has committed over the years to develop an effective and functional collaboration with the Municipal Administration of Vivaro: thanks the common interest in the profitable management of the indoor area of the sports centre "A. OVAN" Basaldella.

Inside the sports centre is set up an artificial wall for the practice of sport climbing, recently expanded and renewed with the aim of hosting an increasingly large audience.
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