Power Wednesday for Power Monkeys



  • developing the explosive force, useful for all dynamic climbing movements;
  • core stability, that is to strengthen of the torso so as to allow greater control of the body required in all movements in overhanging walls
  • increasing aerobic skills despite our sport climbing is an example of anaerobic physical activity. Increasing aerobic capacity is essential for the disposal of lactic acid while we are engaged in a climb, thus facilitating recovery;
  • increasing metabolism through high intensity training and short intervals, which lead the body to a higher calories consumption over 24 hours.
  • athletic preparation for climbing


Maximum of 6 people


Participants will be selected among members attending the gym considering the personal motivation to learn new training methods.


  • Daniele: tel +39 338 319 8281

DAY: da definirsi

OPENING TIMES:: 19:30-21:00

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